STAR WARS 8 - 2016

Shooting in South America

'TOOM' Assassins Creed - 2015/16

Stunts and VFX


Establishing shots and plates.


Terence has been filming aerial sequences during most of his professional life.

His earlier operating included hand-held camera over Manhattan for Toshiba, extensive Tyler mount work on car commercials including BMW, Toyota, Citroen, Opel, Honda and GM and 180 degree filming for Hitachi.

His association with Marc Wolff, probably the most experienced movie helicopter pilot and aerial coordinator on the planet, began almost forty years ago on the 2nd December 1976 when they collaborated with design company Hipgnosis to film a 40ft (9.1m) helium filled pink pig floating above Battersea Power Station for the Pink Floyd 'Animals' album. The pig broke lose and was chased across Southern England by Marc and Terence but that’s another story.

Working with Flying Pictures, Terence not only operated Wescam but was also trained to install and balance the system on a variety of helicopters.

These days Terence is experienced in using Eclipse, Shotover and Cineflex systems.

Contact - Mobile FR: +33 622348572