"Halfway to Heaven"

For Terence, this was one of his toughest ever challenges. First of all negotiating the infamous Karakorum Highway along the Indus River between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the 24 hour drive in open jeeps through some of the highest mountains in the world, dealing with rock falls while at the mercy of the notorious and armed Pachtun Tribes. Then the Shandur Pass at 3738 m in the Hindu Kush mountains, regarded as being 'half-way to Heaven' where since the 1920s, a Polo match with no rules has been played by teams from Gilgit in the East and Chitral in the West. Living in tents with temperatures dropping to -14c at night and filming with 35mm cameras in a dust bowl at +40c during the day, had its complications.

Filmed on 35mm. A Cenar, production, Zurich.

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